AGS 13 Principles
1. Self-Reliance
2. Temperance
3. Health
4. Obedience
5. Perpetuation of Morality
6. Cooperation
7. Sociability
8. Leadership
9. Fellowship
10. Honesty
11. Sportsmanship
12. Sacrifice
13. Scholarship

Scholars and Leaders

As a professional agricultural fraternity, Alpha Gamma Sigma is always looking for new members that strive to be leaders and scholars on campus and beyond. No matter your major, AGS fosters an environment for you to excel in scholarship, leadership and service.

How to Get Involved?

Alpha Gamma Sigma hosts and participates in many events throughout the school year. To find out more, check out our event calendar (on the right navigation bar) or contact our Recruitment Chairman Zak Jones (

What Are the Costs?

The costs associated with AGS are much lower than OSU Housing while still giving members more opportunties to meet others like yourself, develop leadership skills, and participate in service activities.

OSU Campus Housing
AGS Membership
/ No Housing
AGS Membership
/ With Housing
Fraternity Dues
Room and Board
Rent / Utilities    

Alpha Gamma Sigma Officers

Please feel free to talk with one of our officers about AGS.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Officers

Cody Tegtmeier
West Salem, OH
Wayne County

Vice President:

Tristan Ward
Springfield, OH
Clark County

Treasurer: Lane Thompson
Saint Paris, OH
Champaign County
Secretary: Dawson LaFever
Ashland, OH
Ashland County
Social: Ian Lokai
Urbana, OH
Champaign County
House Manager:

Nathan Ulery
Lucas, OH
Richland County

Recruiting: Zak Jones
Canton, OH
Stark County

AGS House Standards

AGS Members and guests are required to follow AGS House Standards. Click to view.

Email Address: